If you have seen Woody Allen’s latest film, ‘Midnight in Paris,’ then you know that Paris is one of the leading characters. Co-starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard, Paris figures prominently in the film.

Many film theorists have discussed Woody Allen’s use of place as a narrative device and ‘Midnight in Paris’ is no exception to the rule.

Movie-Lover's Paris iPhone app combines the expressive space of the movie with reality, takes site-seeing to a whole new level. By overlapping reality with the fictional world of ‘Midnight in Paris,’ pin-pointing the scenes on a real map of Paris, you can continue to enjoy this summer’s blockbuster film off the silver screen and on the streets.

Local favorites, from bakeries to wine bars, boutiques to points of interest, are also included. Get a feel for the neighborhood and pick up a bite to eat as you stroll through the real and imagined Paris.

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